Coretta Scott King’s Letter about Jeff Sessions

Recently , you may remember Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren being admonished on the Senate floor as she attempted to read a letter written by the now late Coretta Scott King …

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White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn RESIGNS

Embattled White House national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday night.  After just 23 days into the new administration, the armor begins to crack. National Security Advisor Mike Flynn felt …

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Trump fires Acting Attorney General

as reported in The New York Times (Politics section) January. 30, 2017 By MARK LANDLER, MATT APUZZO and ERIC LICHTBLAU  WASHINGTON — President Trump fired his acting attorney general on …

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Trump closes U.S. borders to 7 Muslim nations

“Some people could get in, but only after extreme vetting.” “We’re going to have extreme vetting in all cases…”  “And I mean extreme.” “It’s countries that have tremendous terror,”  “And …

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2017 Women’s March in Atlanta

On January 21st, 2017 thousand of women (and some concerned men) gathered in downtown Atlanta to march and bring awareness to social justice and the advancement of women’s rights. similar …

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New back door moves to repeal the Affordable Care Act

An article reported by CNN sounds the alarm that the planned carnage by the newly elected administration  is already under way. Senate opens Obamacare repeal drive with overnight marathon By …

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Henry County NAACP’s 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday Activities & Parade

Henry County NAACP celebrates the 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday with series of events   2017 DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. HOLIDAY PARADE IN MCDONOUGH, GA.

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National Action Network Protest March in Wash., DC

On Jan. 14, the National Action Network (NAN) will lead minority, civil, human and women’s rights groups in a protest over Trump’s policies on economic inequality, his plan to dismantle …

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A Message from the Chair…

My fellow Democrats,

As Chair of the Henry County Democratic Party, it is my duty to get Democrats elected. That has been the primary goal of the party for decades. Unfortunately, this strategy has failed on the national level. In trying to get Democrats elected, we forgot a major point of the election: to represent the people. The results of the 2016 presidential race showed us that.

The officials elected to serve at the national level are often bogged down in bipartisan bickering that only allows for stagnation. Yes, we have champions in people like John Lewis and Elizabeth Warren that stand up for the values of the everyday American, but those champions are few and far between, especially now.

The local party has not forgotten you. For the past few years, the Henry County Democratic Party has worked tirelessly to lay a groundwork that would provide the opportunity for Democrats to be elected. Yes, we have made some mistakes. Yes, we experienced a few setbacks. No organization can exist without such flaws.

Now, we have addressed our mistakes and setbacks. The united efforts of the Henry County Democratic Party will not be drowned out by the establishment that has dictated the path of Henry County. Instead, we will be a voice for all those demanding progress and change.

In 2016, we had many victories. Democrats were elected to office throughout Georgia and Henry County. The time has come to take that a step further. We are reaching out to you, the people, and asking what the party can do for you. How can we help you? How can we make your voice louder?

We are Stronger Together. By working as a united front and speaking with a united voice, we can be heard. We can bring prosperity to Henry County. The Henry County Democratic Party is not here to just get Democrats elected. We are here to be your voice. Help us speak for you.

The Democratic Party believes in “change that matters.” For the next two years, as your chair, I will ensure that the Henry County Democratic Party lives up to that belief. At anytime, you can message me on Facebook or email me at

Remember, together, we will make change happen. Let’s get to work!


-Thomas White

Chair Henry County Democratic Party<>




Our monthly meeting date is the first Tuesday of the month


 Shiloh Baptist Church Education Bldg.

in McDonough, GA


Please come out and join the Party!





(L to R) Sylvia Ricketts (Secretary), Herman Hammons (1st Vice Chair), Thomas White (Chairman),

Ariel Shaw (2nd Vice Chair), Makenzie McDaniels (Treasurer)





Make no mistake that the Henry County Democratic Party strongly condemns the actions of Donald Trump. These sweeping executive orders will only further disenfranchise the most vulnerable in our society. Make no mistake, we will not take one step back! We will stand against evil and hate at every corner. We will be the voice for the victims that suffer, a harbor for those who fear, and the shield against tyranny. Tell your friends that we are here. Let those that are scared and angry in Henry County know that they are not alone. We will not be silent.             The Henry County Democratic Party does not fear!

We stand UNITED!





There’s already a 2 to 3 year vetting process in place.

So why the ban?







sworn in as Henry County’s new District Attorney

See video footage of this historic event on our

Facebook page



Dem pics

Pamela Stephenson & Richard Ray were re-elected to the DNC


Beverly Reese true blue

1st Vice Chairperson Beverly Reese receives True Blue pin from Mildred Schmelz


 Henry Dems 177 Henry Dems 180 Henry Dems 206 Henry Dems 873 Henry Dems 876

Henry Dems 878Henry Dems 902 Henry Dems 876 Henry Dems 875Henry Dems 888Henry Dems 900Henry Dems 898

Henry Dems 830Henry Dems 896Bill & Marie ThomasHenry Dems 881Henry Dems 899henry Dems 822rszdBeverly & Sylvia 147

Henry Dems 890Henry Dems 893Henry Dems 897

Henry Dems 874



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Henry Dems office

Henry Dems office e Henry Dems office cHenry Dems office d
Henry Dems office a